Visual communication

Pat Singer could be described as a quirky, awkward kid that grew up embrace her quirky, and laugh at her awkwardness. She has always had a unique vision and looked at the world differently than most. Visual communication is part of her DNA, and she thoroughly enjoys conveying complex ideas through images. People she meets tend to confide things they shouldn't, which pleases her immensely because she loves a good story. This love of good stories translates seamlessly into telling stories with her imagery.  

Her approach is therapist-oriented, in that she listens first. The design and illustrative development comes only after thoughtful, honest communication between client and designer.

  • Pat graduated from Temple's Tyler School of Art. She is fluent in Photoshop, InDesign, Quark, and Illustrator. She enjoys working from home wearing comfy clothes and clogs, and rotates between working in her small office and the dining room table, forever chasing the best sunny spot.

  • Her designs have won awards, but her biggest thrill is to solve problems, and create work that is both relevant and beautiful. Plain and simple, Pat is a teller of stories though images. Let her conjure something spectacular for your walls or your publication.